C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_Tiwa_Savage-700x562NOTE: what you are about to read was written by a blog visitor,  but excuse me!…I agree 200percent and I wonder why no one is asking if Tiwa is okay!

I’m an avid reader of your blog and i just wanted to share my own 2cents on the Tiwa and teebillz matter so my fellow Nigerians can open their eyes on this fiasco.

First of all, i have learnt in life that things are not always what they seem like in the world of celebrities, that’s why it’s called “show” business, I have no doubt that teebillz was experiencing depression prior to his outburst, but his rant on IG is very typical of an insecure man that abuses his wife physically and emotionally, I am a married man myself and unfortunately I have been in the eye of the storm of other people’s abusive marriages; trying to be the peacemaker , from those experiences I have observed that it’s common for the man to be insecure and falsely accuse his wife of unproven  infidelity , and to never accept responsibility for the failure of his marriage/life.

You will notice that teebillz never took any responsibility for his life; he blamed his father, his mother in law, Tiwa, don jazzy e.t.c. Tiwa savage’s career story is an experiment on if a woman can be successful in naija without her husband becoming jealous and insecure, you don’t marry a celebrity woman and be expecting her to cook for you or regularly ask you if you’ve eaten, how reasonable is that? the price of fame is that you don’t get to cling to a normal life like everyone else. How come the women that are married to celebrity men never complain about not always seeing their husbands or their constant infidelity?

It’s shocking that I was just watching Tiwa’s new video “if I start to talk” yesterday and I wondered about the imagery depicted in it; I thought she might be trying to share something about her experience with the world, but a lot of people missed it, there are subtle signs that she is being physically abused in her marriage.

Lastly if teebillz really wanted to commit suicide he wouldn’t be so “attention seeking “about it , the best way someone like him can destroy his successful wife is to cater to the emotions of Nigerians with the suicide claim ,why did he rant on IG first? Why did he not go to the bridge and silently jump? How did banky W know he was there?

Why did he not consider a more direct way of dying? (Run into a fast moving car).My people let us open our eyes and stand for justice, I don’t care much about Tiwa or teebillz but I know that this whole buhaha is a testament to the mentality of the typical Nigerian man”.


*Why are those who know what Tiwa went through keeping quiet and watching her being slashed? does Teebilz thinks its okay to kill her career because he helped her build it right? that’s an act of a Wicked Man!
Where are those who know how she was abused constantly? i wonder if Una dey wait for  first talk? I rest my case and insist Tiwa Savage is the victim in all of this.
I hope she is Okay!

If you also agree with this lemme hear you say yea yea!