Music act Terry G has denied that he ever dated Beverly Osu saying she is only his Christian sister and he, her Christian brother.

He said their relationship does not pass the church and it’s strictly within the Christian region.

The singer also spoke about how God spoke to him through Pastor Adeboye, Enjoy…..

There has been widespread speculation that you had an affair with actress and model, Beverly Osu. Is this true?

That is a false notion; I was not involved in any amorous relationship with Beverly Osu.

But people who know you said you left her because you did not want to marry someone who drinks and smokes like you do. Was the break-up your fault or hers?

How can you break up with or break the heart of someone you were never in a relationship with in the first instance? We were not in any kind of love relationship; I am her Christian brother and she is my Christian sister. It was a Christian relationship……
Are you still in touch with her?

Yes, I am still in touch with her, but only as a member of my church.

You once mentioned that God called you to become His messenger and prophesy to multitudes. How did you receive the message?

God gave me the message through the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye. He prophesied to me after ministering at the Redemption Camp.

When do you intend to quit music and become a prophet?
Quitting music is not my portion and has never been in my agenda. I was born to do music, and God is already using me as His instrument. You may not understand now but sooner or later you will.

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