C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_D-Banj-NLThe superstar’s record label has had a rocky 2016, losing two of their members. Actress-c*m-singer Tonto Dikeh, announced her departure, before in-house producer, DeeVee split with the group in March. Tonto Dikeh later went on to say it was for ‘business’ reasons.

On a personal note, D’banj has been having a swell time. His single ‘Emergency’ has become a hit, and he has also headlined the Gidi Culture Festival, and was signed up as Host for MTV Base Lip Synce Battle reality TV show.  All of these has influenced his decision to restructure the organization of his record label.
You can’t continue the same the same thing and expect a different result,” D’banj said. “The people that produce the kind of songs right now, you don’t have to be signed to me, to produce for me, or you don’t have to be on the road with me. So let’s stop that mindset. You can do your hit and send it to anybody.”

D’banj’s 2016 hit single ‘Emergency’ was produced by P-Loops, and the recently released video was shot by Unlimited L.A, on location in Lagos. Olu Maintain listened to the beat, and took it to D’banj. The beat originally was for Olu Maintain, but while on the Koko Tour stop in Owerri, Imo State (which is coincidentally the home town of the producer), he played it to D’banj who loved it and voiced a new song on it.

“What is about to come out right now, that I am focusing my mind on is what I want to do right now. My passion, which is to make sure that just the same way, I think the boy ( P-Loops) he lives in Egbeda or Ikotun, did a beat and that beat could get to me, and it’s now a hit, and he was paid for it, and everybody can see the revenue, and everybody is happy.” He said.

That beneficial episode has led the singer to remodel collaborations structure of his record label. He has opened up the creative process for his artistes, encouraging them to leave the collective residence and go search for inspiration and new sounds.
“No need for us to say we are moving like this (together), it’s not a charity organization. We need to source for this. What I have done now is to make sure that everybody (label mates) have the contacts of everybody that we can work with. I believe that we can work from Masterkraft, to any producer that you think. So let everybody send their beat, you have that, you can do a hit record. You market it, you get it, you collaborate, and you get it.

“Right now I am partnering with the right set of people to make sure that if an artiste or a producer is in Kaduna State, or Abuja or Borno, from that place, at the click of button, if you want you to be the one to listen to the beat, we can get it across to you, and a business deal can happen from there…It’s a natural resource, and like I always say, and for everyone to know now, content is the new crude.”

D’banj is currently the ambassador for telecommunications firm, SLOT, Ciroc, and Bank of Industry.C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_D-Banj-NL